Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jersey Maxi Dress Pre-Order

If anyone is interested in one of these JERSEY MAXI DRESSES I made for G for her birthday, we'll put in a special jersey order on MONDAY, March 10, 2014. Cost would be $45, and they would be available in sizes 3-8. Here are the options we have available to us:

If you're interested, please email us at  All orders MUST be pre-paid due to the special order nature of the fabric, and it's unlikely we're buying any extra!

Here's some photos of the dress (it's shorter in the front and long in the back!). I'll get a few of it being modelled as well to post.

Any questions? Drop us a line!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Product Review - Snack-Loc Bags

What started out as an alternative to thousands of plastic food bags in our landfills has become one of the greatest organizational tools on the go!  We love how this product continues to surprise us with all of its uses.
Our snack-loc bags come in 3 sizes – 4x6, 6x6 and 9x12 inches.  They feature a food-safe nylon liner, and a super-cute, designer cotton outer shell.  They close using zippers (but we’re happy to make them with Velcro if you prefer!).  They are water-resistant.  The inside pulls out for a quick wipe or rinse in the sink, but for a big mess, the clean-up is as easy as tossing them in the washing machine! 
They were designed to be an alternative to plastic baggies for food, but since then we’ve started using them for so many things. Some of our favourites include:

-a damp face cloth for a road trip
-soothers in the diaper bag (it’s the only way to make sure it’s clean when you pull it from the bottom!)
-our extra large size is great Sophie the Giraffe, or any other favourite teething toy
-gum and peppermints

What's your favourite thing to keep in YOUR snack-loc bags? Or maybe you need one so you can find out? Share your comments below and you might win one!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Product Review - Elastic Toddler Belts

These have been with us ALMOST from the very beginning, and the more we use them, the more we love them!
Elastic toddler belts are great for almost any age.  We start using them around the time our kids start sitting (the snaps on the back are a little bulky for babies that spend more of their time lying around!).  They really start to show their awesomeness when potty training begins.  Because “I gotta go!” means you probably should be halfway to the bathroom to avoid an accident.  Since they only cinch kids’ pants using the BACK 3 belt loops, the front is left open for quick and easy on-and-offs!  Our oldest girls are almost 6 and they still have one on most of their pants.
While I’ve often joked that I wish I had my daughter’s problem where I didn’t have enough hips to keep my pants up, I have found myself using an elastic toddler belt on occasion.  The first time was when I was expecting my second child.  As fun as maternity clothes were the first time around, I knew that once those pants went on, it would be a LOOONG time until they were stuffed back in the closet.  So I wanted to wait as long as possible.  Enter the elastic toddler belt!  Instead of using it on the back, I put it on the front 2 belt loops of my pants as a way to ‘extend’ the life of my regular jeans!  I just made sure the shirt I was wearing was long, and no one could tell the difference. 
I’ve also been wearing one again lately.  There’s nothing like January to bring out the New Year’s Resolution to drop a few of those baby pounds.  As long as the scale keeps moving in the right direction, an elastic toddler belt is the perfect way to cinch in my old jeans until I'm ready to commit to some new ones. Here I use it the same way I do on my girls - through the back belt loops so it's out of the way. 
We’re always happy to custom make a belt if you find you need one a bit different from the shop standard!  Belts are machine-washable, but we don’t recommend using the dryer (really, nothing likes the dryer - everything lasts longer kept out of the heat).  We have been using the same belts for over 4 years and they still look great.  While we wish we could add a few colours to the mix, we haven’t managed to find any great colours of a superb quality.  And we aren’t willing to compromise on the quality for a fun colour (much to  my purple-loving 2 year old’s chagrin as she is forever asking for a ‘hurple’ one!). 
Any questions?  We’d love to help out –!

PS - Have one? Want one? Want to share one with a friend? Comment below for your chance to WIN!

Friday, January 31, 2014

3000 Fan Giveaway!

Tell us what you would spend your $100 Gift Certificate from Playful Peanut on! to see all our great products or check us out on facebook!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dress Sale!

While quantities last, we're offering a selection of dresses for $25 plus FREE SHIPPING!  It's valid on all the styles posted below.  To order, just drop us an email at!
 Carnival Bloom with Candy Dumb Dot
 Crystal Flower with Pink
 Nearby Floral in Pink with Candy Dumb Dot
 Morning Glory in Linen with Slate Full Moon Dots
 Lil Plain Jane Grey with Citron Dumb Dot
 Boho Blossom with Orchid Dumb Dot
 Butterflies in Spring with Candy Dumb Dot
 Lolli Dot Purple with Purple
 Flower Shower Clementine with Brown
 Crystal Flower with Brown
 Disco Dot Blossom with Stone Ta Dot
 Lil Plain Jane Turquoise with Turquoise and Red Quarter Dot
 Nearby Floral in Turqouise with Sea Ta Dot
 Zesty Zinnia with Black
 Feeling Groovy with Purple
 Nearby Floral in Pink with Candy Dumb Dot
 Boho Blossom with Orchid Ta Dot
 Round About with Purple
 Lil Plain Jane Fuchsia with Fuchsia Dumb Dot
Lil Plain Jane Turquoise with Red Dot

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How To Re-Tie Your Little Man Tie

In four simple (?) steps!

Step 1 - iron (sorry, but it's so much easier if everything is ironed nicely first :).   Make sure your neckband has one velcro side up and one down.  Lay your tie in the middle, looped as shown (make sure the seams are BOTH pointing down as shown).  Make sure the wider end is on top.

Step 2 - Flip the two ends of the tie UNDER the neckband and through the loop.  In this case you should end up seeing  both the seamed ends on top.  Again, make sure you have one end of velcro up and one down.
 Step 3 - Flip the tie over.  You'll notice the velcro that was up is now down, and your tie is starting to take shape. 
 Step 4 - Holding onto the neckband with one hand (as shown), gently tug on the bottom pieces of the tie to form a nice knot.  Again make sure you have one velcro end up and one down (otherwise you'll have a twist in your neckband when you go to put it on your little man).  This is the trickiest part, mostly because it can be a little hit and miss with getting your tie the size you want. 
 You're DONE!  You might need to practice a couple of times but once you get the hang of it it's awesome. We've tried NUMEROUS methods and this is by far the most simple and gives the most consistent results.  I can't tie a man's tie to save my life, but this I can now do in my sleep. 
PLEASE let us know if you need some more clarification!  It really is easy to do once you practice a little bit.  This will also help to extend the life of your little man tie by letting you re-tie it to gain a couple inches before you need to move up to the next size.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

FREE SHIPPING on Hair Accessories

We are offering Free Shipping from today until next Sunday on all Hair Accessories found on Use promo code FREE SHIPPING

Happy Shopping!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lunch Bags!

FINALLY, these are ready to go.  We've been playing around with the design in between all the usual business, and we're so, so happy with them!

If you've been looking for an awesome BPA, lead and phthalate-free lunch bag, it's time to toss the paper bag and upgrade to our new Designer Lunch Bags!  Made with the same food-safe nylon as our popular snack-loc bags, your lunch bag will be easy to spot in a crowd.  Choose between a velcro or snap closure, and customize it in almost any of our designer fabrics.  Our lunch bags are also a very generous size, measuring 7 inches across, 4 inches deep, and 10 inches tall.  Just like our snack-loc bags, the liner pulls out for a quick and easy clean, but they are also fully machine-washable. 

AND, as a launch special, purchase any lunch bag between now and midnight on Sunday, April 15th, and you can get a set of snack-loc bags (one large and one small) for only $8 (regular $11).

Lunch bags are $25, plus $5 shipping in Canada/$6 US.  To get in on our launch special, just drop us an email at

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dresses, Shirts and Skirts!

We've been busy playing around with all the new fabrics that have arrived in the shop in the last week or two.  Some are combinations inspired by our summer dress promotion (we have some really creative fans!), and some are just ones we've been looking for an excuse to buy and play with for a while. 

 Boho Blossom with dumb dot orchid
 Far Out Floral in Aqua and Blue
 Lil Plain Jane Turquoise with Aqua Quarter Dot
 Butteflies with dumb dot candy
 Lolli Dot Orchid with Purple
 Forest Life Orchid with Stone Ta Dot
 Flower Shower with Brown
 Crystal Flowers with Brown
Any favourites???